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SakaFete International wishes the Dominica Community of Boston to be Safe and Observe all CDC Saftey Guidelines, Washing your hands, wear Saftey Mask, and most of all Social Distancing.  JUST BE SAFE
The Sun
Diaspora Organizations
Dominica Independence Association of Boston (Link)
The Dominica Independdence Association of Boston (DIAB), is an Organization of dedicated Dominicans living in the Boston Metro Area, and has been Celebrating and bringing to life the rich Heritage and Culture of Dominica though an Annual Independent Celebration Gala, this team of Patriotic Dominicans has carried the Banner of Dominica throughout the years and Contributed to the Developtment of Dominica.
Boston for Dominica              ( link)
A Diaspora group of dedicated Dominicans  who's mission is to Support Dominica and their fellow Citizens to Aide in the Development of Dominica during normal times  and Disasters such as Hurricane Maria, and Tropical Storm Erica
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